TEC Infrared Grill Pilot Flame Installation.

TEC is Thermal Engineering Corporation and is the inventor and  original manufacturer of the infrared grill burner.  Although today TEC makes different types of gas grills the ceramic topped infrared burner system was the original TEC design and has been copied by other grill manufacturers all over the world.

There are a lot of annoying features to the older TEC models because TEC was not a grill manufacturer when the company invented the burner that would change the world of grilling — and eating.  As one example the TEC Sterling 2 and 3 models install the burner venturi tube to the control valve before placing the hood orifice onto the valve.  This makes the burner impossible to remove from the grill without going into the controls and removing the orifice.  No one else in grill

TEC Sterling 28 model infrared burner and pilot

TEC Sterling 28 model infrared burner and pilot

manufacturing does this.  Typically the orifice is installed onto the valve and then the burner venturi tube fits onto the orifice so the gas flows through the opening in the orifice and into the burner tube.  TEC is different with the orifice acting as additional support that holds the burner inside the grill.

The other odd  feature of the older grills is the pilot flame.  Instead of mounting a piezo ignition so the spark ignites the gas at the top of the burner TEC igniters spark at the pilot to light the pilot flame.  When the grill control valve are turned on so gas emits from the burner the pilot flame lights the burners which means we turn the pilot flame on and then access the grill ignition to light the pilot so the pilot can light the burners.

tec pilot in gas grill lights infrared burner

pilot hoodd for flame to light bbq grill burner

The TEC Sterling 28 was the first version of the infrared gas grill and the infrared burner was as wide as the entire grill but the burner was divided inside the casing so the left valve controls the left side and the right valve controls the right side.  The pilot is installed so the pilot flame hood sits in-between the two halves of the burner and the pilot flame will light both sides of the infrared burner.

tec infrared pilot ignition mounts to manifold

TEC pilot gas line mounts to the manifold

This is the gas line that extends from the manifold.  The manifold attaches on one side to the gas line and then continues across the front of the grill inside the control panel.  The control valves attach to the manifold and draw gas from the manifold to spray gas into the burner sides.  This extension from the manifold is what the pilot flame attaches to inside the control panel.

The pilot flame has an aluminum gas line attached to it and a compression fitting with a flare nut or with a flared fitting so the gas line attaches to the manifold without using putty or teflon tape to seal the gas line.

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Custom Outdoor Kitchen Service Call For BBQ Repair

custom outdoor kitchen bbq repair service call and cleaning

custom outdoor kitchen bbq repair service call and cleaning

This is a picture of an outdoor kitchen that We Did Not Build but is from a service call when we were asked to repair the grill by replacing some parts and clean the grill.

This grill island is wrong on many levels.  For starters we usually try to guide our custom outdoor kitchen clients into a gas grill made in America with 304 stainless that has a life time warranty and this Profire does fit those prerequisites.  However, you can see the Profire was not designed to be installed into an outdoor kitchen.  If this installer/fabricator knew anything about barbecues they would know Profire does manufacture a trim kit to be used when building in Profire grills in outdoor kitchens but instead of using the trim kit this builder built a shelf for the grill to rest on.  This is usually a bad thing because it means the transition from granite to grill is very obvious but also because the greasy bottom drip tray is on the “floor” if the opening made for the built in grill.  This usually results in the chromium smelted into the stainless as a protective agent becoming useless because of the weight on the bottom of the grill.

This was probably not something the builder could control if they simply do not know anything about grills and the home owner insisted on buying their own appliances.  However if the builder does not know anything about grills they should not be building custom grill islands.

The island itself does not have a cabinet.  The counter top is floating off the ground which looks pretty ridiculous, especially with all that granite wrapping the concrete counter top.

built in profire grill cooking grates

cooking grids to be cleaned during service call repair

Our technicians replaced the ignition module and the electrodes and collector box bracket that holds the electrode.  They also cleaned the grill.

Stainless steel in an American made barbecue grill is designed to last forever outdoors.  To clean stainless that is well made and designed for outdoors we do not have to be gentle or terribly careful not to scratch through a surface or a layer of coating because the stainless is stainless all the way through the material.  We usually use a soft sand paper, a 3m pad or a wire wheel on a drill so the effect is like a grill brush spinning 60 miles an hour.

profire grates after being cleaned

stainless steel profire grates and vaporizers cleaned

The effect is a clean cooking grate.  Because the nickel and chromium is added to the stainless steel during the smelting process when the iron oxides are drained from the material the protection that is chemically created by the material regenerates itself once the surface is clean.  Chromium reacts with oxygen atoms in the air to protect the stainless so the dirty grates will eventually rust but clean grids will never rust or corrode unless a corrosive chemical is added — which would be crazy!

The only time I have seem corrosion was when a customer accidentally — i should say unknowingly — stored their pool chemicals inside their outdoor kitchen.  As the chlorine dissipates into the atmosphere the atoms fuse with oxygen atoms and starve the stainless of oxygen that is necessary for the surface protection.  With 304 stainless steel the entire grill can be safely sanded and buffed out for a new and beautiful shine.

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FAQ: Vented and Vent-Free Gas Logs

If you have a question about gas logs, here is an FAQ all about gas logs. It gives basic info, and quick answers to questions frequently asked about these alternative fire sources.

Can I Install Gas Logs Myself?

If you are a professional who has knowledge of gas fireplaces, fireplaces in general, HVAC systems, and or plumbing experience, then yes you can definitely install gas logs on your own. If you do not, (No!) then it is highly recommended that you do not, and leave the installation up to an experienced professional for safety and accuracy reasons. A qualified specialist will also have all the necessary tools to safely install the logs, and guarantee that everything follows the according code.

Are Gas Logs Meant to be Used in Specific Sizes?

Yes, they definitely are. When purchasing gas logs, you will see that they are sold in sizes, and you will be given directions for measuring your fireplace. It is highly important to have the proper space around your logs, and a proper distance to the wall so that you avoid causing fires and explosions due to overheating.

Can I Use Vent-Free Gas Logs in a Vented Fireplace?

No. Both types of logs are meant to be used in their appropriate housings, and should not be mixed and alternated. Because they are specifically designed to work in ventless or vented fireplaces, those are the only ways they should be used. As with any product that involves fire, and can create a potentially dangerous environment, all manufacturer directions and warnings should be followed explicitly.

Are Gas Logs Legally Allowed Throughout the US?

In most states, counties and cities, yes. However, several states such as Wisconsin, Montana, and California (this is a no-brainer) do not allow the use of unvented gas logs. New York City also does not permit their use. Gas logs for the vented fireplace are more tolerable. Before you purchase, and make the investment in gas logs, be sure to examine the local codes and laws in your area regarding their use.

Can I Use My Gas Log Burner to Burn Wood?

No! Absolutely not! It can cause damage, and destroy the burner. If your burner gets damaged during such use, your warranty will most likely be dissolved, and will not cover it. Gas log burners have been created to burn only gas logs, and no type of organic matter.

Is my Coal-Burning Fireplace Able to Burn Gas Logs?

No. A coal-burning fireplace is meant to burn coal, and nothing else. It may be possible though, to convert the firebox into one that can tolerate gas logs.

Do Gas Logs Create Unsafe Breathing Conditions By Emitting Gas Into the Air?

It is possible, but generally, no. They are sold with oxygen depletion sensors, and, monitoring devices that keep the gas in check. Should you suspect a gas leak, call your local fire department immediately, and turn on no electrical switches.

When Gas Logs Are Lit, Are Their Embers Flammable?

No, they aren’t. They are simulated, and do not really burn. While they are beautiful, and do look like the real thing, they are really fireproof, and add to realistic design of gas log fireplaces.

Which is Better: Propane or Natural Gas?

One is not better than the other, however, with propane it is always necessary to have a safety pilot. The safety pilot is entirely essential because it ensures that gas does not accumulate within the house, which can create a disaster should someone accidentally turn the gas line on and not turn on the fire. Natural gas is a bit more flexible, as it is lighter than air. If you have a vented fireplace, natural gas is fine because you have the ability to keep the damper open continuously. Natural gas also works best in homes where there is a natural gas hookup for the entire house.


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TEC Grills: Taking Inspiration From The Sun

Infrared grilling is definitely the wave of the future when it comes to grilling. Through the testing of innovative design, and engineering, TEC has come up with the most incredible grills that run on infrared heating. In the future, your foods can be grilled to perfection in minutes!

TEC, also known as Thermal Engineering Corporation is, in basic terms, is a heat company. Be it a very advanced, branched out, incredibly dynamic heat company at that! Their line of products is long, and varies from actual products, to finishes, manufacturing equipment, and especially their superb infrared gas grills. Industrial scale equipment, or grills for home use- as masters of design and engineering they have created a lasting mark on grill technology.
TEC first began using infrared technology in their grills 25 years ago, however the first entirely infrared grills did not hit the market until 10 years years ago. Infrared grills are a profoundly different alternative to both conventional gas and charcoal grills, and the end results are incredible flavors and textures. In all of their many revisions, quality has always been a concept never compromised. Grill repair can always be done, but building with excellent engineering and materials can be likened to preventative medicine.
If you are unfamiliar with infrared grills or cooking with infrared heat, it can really seem like a world of difference from regular gas and charcoal. Infrared heat is similar to the heat of the sun, in mechanics. The sun heats by radiant heating, as the rays actually do not carry heat, and in transit through space they are not hot. Once they contact the object is when the heat begins. In this process, because it is such a direct heat source, very little energy gets wasted. Infrared grills take the sun as inspiration. Using gas to heat the material, which will then emit this infrared heat source that powers the grill, and cooks your food. Once the heat source is turned on, the time spent waiting for the grill, or the cooking tile, to heat up is merely minutes. This shorter heat time translates to a shorter cooking time, and a shorter cooling time- saving plenty of time all around. That is one of the many features that sways those who are on the fence about infrared. If you grill frequently, and are short on time, you can still have a delicious grilled meal cooked in no time flat.
Perhaps the biggest advantage going for infrared grills is their ability to perform. There is no other method of cooking that sears as quickly, and at the same time produces an unbeatable tenderness, sacrificing none of the savory juices within meat.
Since the 1980’s, TEC has set its sight upon improving infrared technology. Their grill parts are as cutting-edge as it gets, and many improvements have been made since their first infrared grills hit the market. The earliest set-up produced 35% of its radiant heat from ceramic tiles, but it was not powerful enough to really hit its potential. The newest configuration involves a high temperature radiant glass panel, paired with the specifically designed of stainless steel, totally free of ceramic. The radiant heat is created by the burner, which works with small flames. The glass panel then equalizes the powerful radiant heat, and levels it over the cooking area in an even layer. An even temperature means that there are no flare-ups, and no unnecessary hot or cold pockets lingering on the cooking surface. This method expels the hot air away from the food, to avoid over-drying. This modern design has fulfilled the goal of reaching 100% radiant heat.
TEC infrared gas grills are forerunners in the grill world. Champions of technology, and the pursuit of building the perfect grill, are the mainstays when it comes to TEC’s mission. As time passes, they continue to evolve and improve upon their past successes. If you’re going for infrared, go for TEC!

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Gas Logs: All In The Making

Gas logs, FireBalls, FireShapes, and fire stones products are made to be indestructible. They are made to be used continuously, and many times over, and capable of handling extremely high temperatures. They are made to tolerate propane and natural gas, and hold flames consistently for extended periods of time. The can be burned in traditional masonry fireplaces, as well as in ventless fireplaces under appropriate conditions. Does it ever come to mind the extent of effort, of the process behind them? Do you ever wonder how these marvels of heat have been created?

Originally, gas logs were supposed to look like actual logs, but not much thought was given to them. They did resemble wooden logs, slightly, but it was quite obvious that they were simply an imitation. The Rasmussen company expanded this concept, and artistically developed their logs to be nearly identical to true wood. Their first designs were carved, with textured crevices, nooks, and markings to keep them as authentic as possible. As romantic and artisanal this process was, they found creating a true replicate of nature’s prototype was best done by moulding actual wood. Today, they offer many different versions of logs, to where you can almost choose the specie of the wood you are wanting. Birch, oak, and pine are staples, and there are plenty of different variants.

The materials that gas logs are made of are very hi-tech. Ceramic refractory materials that can withstand extreme temperatures are the main base. On the interior they are fitted with steel piping for the gas mechanisms.

The process begins with two different sizes of lightweight, expanded shale aggregate, which are the basic building blocks. They work in conjunction to fit together in a ceramic bond. The glue that locks the aggregates together is a high temperature cement, and has the ability to exceed 2300 degrees. Once these are mixed, they are poured into latex rubber moulds. Actual wooden logs are used as a mould. A single mould takes  three days to create, in an intricate process. In the mould, steel rod reinforcements are implemented. These ensure an even heat throughout the entire log during burning. The general color is slate gray, and then they get colored with a unique coloring process that can remain colorfast beyond the heat of the fire.

In line with always keeping the customer in mind, gas fire sets have been expanded beyond the look logs. Not everyone wants logs that are realistic, and seeing this, Rasmussen created the Alterna line of products to offer different looks that work with many different styles of interior design. Made entirely of the same innovative ceramic materials, and reinforced with steel, these sets work just like the vented and unvented gas logs do. These looks are far more modern, and allow you to use your vented or ventless fireplace as more than a means of heating a room. Your fireplace can be an object of décor, a showpiece that draws in the eye. One of the most desired of the Alterna log sets is the FireGlitter. This look is available in different colors, and is created with high temperature glass, which serves as a bed that holds the gas fire. As the fire burns, the flames’ light hitting the shards of glass creates a captivating, sparkling design. Unlike real stones, FireShapes stones will not become combustible in a fire, and will create a modern, organic look in your fireplace. Available in different colors, a custom look can be created for the perfect accent to your home. Entirely contemporary, and lending a very geometric feel, FireShapes are an entirely unique display of style. FireBalls have a timeless look, resembling cannonballs, yet in a very modern way. They can be uniform in size, or they can vary depending on the appearance you want.

Classic or modern, and built to last a lifetime, gas logs and Alterna gas sets are made with superior materials, in an everlasting form.


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How To Use Gas Logs Safely

If you have been reading along with past posts, you know that gas logs are overflowing with benefits. There are countless reasons as to why they are a smarter alternative than regular wood for burning in your fireplace. Here is more information on using them, just to give a more broad background on gas logs, and different Alterna gas products with proper safety.

The safety of gas logs is well documented. However, it must be considered that they are fire products, and do come with dangers. Your manual’s directions need to be followed explicitly, and never used in any other way, because fires and explosions are risks. The manual contains invaluable information, and should be kept for the entire duration that you own and use the product. Storing anything flammable, including anything with flammable vapors and liquids near a burning gas log fire is a very bad idea, and can be a quick way to a disaster. Because it is a gas product, if you smell gas you must act wisely. Do not turn on any switches, as they can cause ignition. The same goes for using a phone. Leave the dwelling, and use the phone of a nearby person or business and call your gas supplier. They will direct you on how to handle the situation, and give you steps to follow. If they cannot be reached, the fire department should be called to assess the situation.

When you install an unvented gas fireplace burner, you have to follow the local codes that are in place for such devices. If local codes do not exist, follow in accordance with the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/ NFPA 54.

Gas logs, fire balls, fire shapes, fire glass, and fire stones were made to be burned only in specific housings. Traditional vented fireplaces and those meant for solid-fuel burning, and are constructed of masonry meant to withstand extreme fires are fine. Fireplaces which are portable, and built to be installed, as well as unvented models are also great for burning gas logs. These are what they have been designed and created for. If you own a factory-built fireplace, read it’s instructions carefully, because not all are made to be used with ventless gas logs. If it claims that the particular model has not been tested with gas logs, do not take the chance in testing it yourself. A dangerous situation can be created.

A fireplace creates such a powerful, intense heat that it is capable of heating a home. Because of this, if you are using an unvented fireplace, please keep it far away from foreign objects, curtains and draperies, blankets, and furniture. All people that will be within close proximity of the fireplace should be aware of the dangers of getting too close, as well as the notion of clothing becoming ignited. With all consideration, any children should be kept under close supervision as to avoid injury and burns. Any type of combustible material should be stored far away from where the fireplace is. Do not ever store, even temporarily, any type of clothing, fabric, or flammable material on top of a fireplace. All servicing, repairs, and installations should be performed by qualified, experienced professionals. At a bare minimum, a vented fireplace should be cleaned professionally once annually to ensure a proper environment for burning fires. It should be free of loose paint, creosote, soot, ash, and any type of debris.

A fireplace, as beautiful as it may be, can be an extremely dangerous asset. Extreme caution should always be used when a fire is lit. When all safety precautions are heeded, and the environment is monitored for secure burning, a fireplace is an invaluable addition to any home. Happy fire-burning!


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Fire Gel Recall Warning!

This month, nine different companies recalled their fire gel products due to serious concerns of safety, after numerous reports of severe burns and flash fires were reported. Approximately 2 million products have been pulled from the shelves of retailers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that there have been a few dozen of such cases, where the decorative items became dangerous when consumers could not tell if the flames were extinguished, and poured additional gel into the burning pot, causing splattering flames and a violent fire eruption. 65 people have been hospitalized with severe burns, and two others tragically died as a result of their injuries. This is the inherent problem, and upon purchase, the products had only minute warnings on the external wrapping, which ultimately ended up in the garbage.

Fire pots, also known as gel fires, have become one of the hottest items out there in terms of home and patio decor. If you like candles, you will really like fire pots. If flames are your thing, you have probably seen them. The concept is pretty amazing; a gorgeous ceramic urn-type of object, with a metal cup in which the fire gel gets poured into. There are many different designs, styles, and sizes of fire pots that makes incorporating them into your home very easy. They can be used indoors or out, but most people choose the latter as it is safer. The gel is considered to be very clean burning, and does not pollute the air. Then, the gel gets lit, and voila! you have an ethereal, large, dancing flame. The only problem lies in the danger. Sadly, as cool as this type of fire is, they are extremely dangerous. Alcohol-based fire gels are combustible, and the fire they create is not easily put out with water, or conventional methods of extinguishing. Far more effective are dry chemical extinguishers, which are not the most readily kept on hand.

These are the brands that have been recalled: Smart Solar USA, BondManufacturing, Bird Brain Inc, Luminosities Inc Pacific Decor Ltd, Fuel Barons Inc,  Sunjel Company, Real Flame, Fuel Barons Inc, and Lamplight Farms Inc.

If you own a fire pot, and choose to continue using it, keep in mind some precautions that may come in handy: Most importantly, do not pour additional gel onto an existing fire. If you are not sure if the flames are still going, wait a while. Make sure you own a chemical fire extinguisher, and keep it in a close, convenient place to where you will be using the fire pot. If a fire does occur, do not attempt to put it out with an onslaught of water, or the old faithful “stop, drop, and roll.”

If you are craving fire, and need another method to get your fix, we highly suggest going with gas logs in your fireplace or a ventless fireplace, or a fire pit for your backyard or patio. These modes of fire are bit more safe, and on the plus side, your inner pyro-maniac will be thrilled at having a larger fire to play with!

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Great Balls Of Fire For the Ventfree Fireplace

Ventless fireplaces are all about options. They offer the consumer much flexibility, and the availability to get pretty creative in their decorating choices. One of the most interesting choices of accents as far as unvented fireplaces go, are the fire balls. Fire balls look like cannon balls, and have a very stylish look that is at once modern and classic. This look is very popular, and many people find that it can work in so many different interior décor schemes. When fully set up, the balls create a pyramid on the burner, and display a somewhat rigid structure. When lit, the presentation is beautiful and is a very balanced contrast of flames and sculpture. If you have a fire pit, fire balls can also be used in lieu of gas logs or wood logs for an equally stellar display.

Gas fire balls are manufactured by the Rasmussen company. They have been made to withstand temperatures exceeding 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Creating these durable ceramic balls is a labor-intensive process that has blended a variety of materials such as shale, alumina refractory cement with their ceramics. Shale is known for its strength, while bonded refractory cement performs beautifully under the pressure of intense heat. There are eight different colors you can choose from for your fire balls. These colors are pigmented by hand, using non-paint colorings that are resistant to being altered by heat. These colorations are entirely environmentally conscious, and do not pollute, or give off any type of odor during burning.

The fire balls can work with ventless gas fireplace burners of three different sizes: 20,” 24,” and 30.” Designed for convenience and streamlined look, the gas valve is tucked out of visible sight on the burner. With each of these burners, you are able to customize the options you want. You can choose between two different styles of burner, either black or stainless steel. Both have a very contemporary, sleek look and can give a different appeal depending on the room they will be going into. Stainless steel offers a somewhat more timeless feel, and can blend perfectly into an art deco interior. Black is also a little less flexible, and will make any dust apparent, so if you live in a locale that is known to have dusty air, it will require simple dusting to ensure the slick look. Another option to choose between is the choice of whether to go for a manual control valve or a remote control. The remote gives you the ability to raise and reduce the flame with a switch, and can be wireless, however this transmitter is sold separately. The remotes come in several different styles, from basic to those with features with temperature and timer switches. As an additional feature, you can also get a wireless wall switch that works with your fireplace, similar to a control for an air conditioner unit.

As a fireplace, a ventfree setup with fire balls emits a very strong, intense heat. Because the fireballs are ceramic and therefore quite dense, they have the ability to hold and radiate a lot of heat. During burning, very little flame actually comes into contact with the balls. This allows them to remain very clean and perform well. Gas fire balls are nicely affordable, selling for $13.50 individually, and $139 per dozen set. While many people choose to purchase their fire balls in a uniform color, some prefer to mix up the colors and create a more mottled, random look. If you want a somewhat natural feel, you can get fire balls in different size, so the appearance is more random and has a less structured feel to it.


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The Beauty Of Nature In A Vented Fireplace

Fireplaces are the ultimate feature in home design. They truly do abide by the old adage that great design is a combination of form and function There is absolutely no denying the beauty of a wood-burning vented fireplace, and I don’t know of anyone who would contest that. A fireplace can add so much to a space, and is always a major highlight within the décor. Not only does a fireplace encourage a warm, luxurious and cozy atmosphere, their main purpose serves to heat the home.

Despite all of the physical beauty, and the appeal of using materials from nature, wood is not the most ideal form of fuel. It poses the issue of requiring storage. Trees have to be cut down in order to burn it, therefore valuable forest is being diminished. Also when burned, wood does pollute with the gases that are emitted. And after the embers have faded out, you are left with residual filth, tar, ash, and dust that require immediate cleaning. If you are not cutting and gathering yourself, you then have to buy it, lug it home, and store it. If you use your fireplace for anything more than pleasure, and have to use it to legitimately heat your home, you will likely be burning many hundreds of lbs. throughout the year’s cold months. Does that seem a little impractical to you? It most definitely does to me. Perhaps if this is what you’ve always done, it might not seem like such a big deal, or that much of a time consuming process. But if you had an option that eliminated all of the aforementioned burdens, and it did everything that a traditional wood fire does, wouldn’t it seem entirely practical?

Gas logs are the answer. Real Frye gas logs are the industry’s most trusted, as well as the best in terms of customer satisfaction. Made specifically to be used in a traditional vented fireplace. An entirely new concept that is changing the way people light fires in their homes, these are a truly fantastic innovation. Made of an extremely high quality ceramic, and reinforced with centrally placed steel rods gives gas logs the ultimate assurance of strength. They can handle extreme temperatures easily, and they perform under pressure with stellar results. They have been designed and diligently crafted to replicate natural wood to an extreme measure. Aspects such as the crevices in bark, the variations in color, the textured nuances that occur from fire’s charring are all taken into account when these logs are created. There are over 50 different styles of wood looks you can choose from so that even the slightest detail can be to your liking. Different wood arrangements are created, and the looks are quite interesting in how the setups are made to duplicate the natural properties of the types of wood. American oak, English oak, split oak, white birch, golden oak, charred cedar, coastal driftwood, and rustic oak are just a sample of the offerings.

When using gas logs, a burner is necessary. Also made by Real Frye, these house the gas logs effortlessly and are made to ensure optimal performance. They accentuate the beauty of the painted log and fire, creating a fabulous presentation. Different sizes are available, and can accommodate nearly any vented fireplace. Remote controls for adjusting and controlling the flame height, and switching off and on are standard features that make using gas logs so much easier, more pleasant, and far more convenient that using traditional wood.

Like a fireplace, gas logs are also a marvel of design innovation. Fireplaces have obviously been around a whole lot longer, but when advances occur to improve upon the past, it makes enjoying the ordinary so much more exciting.

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Top 5 Fire Essentials For Winter

1.            Vented Fireplace Gas Logs. There is definitely a reason that gas logs are at the top of the list. There are so many benefits to using them, that it really is no surprise that they are as hot of an item right now. They easily replace the use of ordinary wood logs, and do a much better job as well. They are reusable, do not require extensive storage, and do not create a mess as they burn. They are also able to be lit instantly with a switch, and therefore, do not force you to wait for the room to be heated.


2.            Ventless Gas Logs. Right behind those used in vented fireplaces, ventless gas logs are used in ventless fireplaces and are a brilliant alternative to a traditional fireplace. These versatile fireplaces enable anyone who             desires the warmth and heat of a hearth to have one in their home, without the trouble, time, and expense of having one built and installed into the structure of their home. They are also used perfectly in apartments, and homes that are not able to be built into. Just like an ordinary fireplace, a             ventless version will provide heat and ambiance, with the convenience of being able to simply turn it off once you are through with the fire. Though it may be a bit radical by comparison, a great effort has been applied to ventless fireplaces and ventless logs to give them much realism, because there is an enormous esthetic appeal when it comes to the beauty of enjoying a fire.


3.            Chimney Termination Caps. If you have a vented fireplace, you know that proper chimney care is entirely necessary. You are most likely also aware of the necessary components that are needed to keep your chimney functioning accordingly. Before you light the year’s first fire, make sure that your chimney has been inspected; by yourself if you know what you’re doing, or by a trustworthy professional. A thorough cleaning and chimney sweep are also not things you want to skip out on, too. Most importantly, however, is the necessity in making sure your chimney termination cap fits properly, works properly, and has not been damaged in ay way. A chimney cap ensures the safety of your fireplace, and can be replaced very smoothly if yours needs to be switched out. You have the option of purchasing either to a specific size, or to go with a universal design, which are meant to fit any and all chimneys. Above all, this is very simple, yet very important aspect for any homeowner with a chimney to pay attention to.


4.            Fireplace Tools. To keep your fireplace under control, and to handle a fire with ease and convenience, you have to have the right tools. They are sold in sets to make life easier, and you have the ability to buy the set that works perfectly for you. If you need just a single item, chances are, you can buy just that piece. These sets often come with snazzy holders that coordinate all of the accompanying pieces, and make storing them a very simple ordeal. As you want them nearby at all times when you have a fire going, they have been designed for displayed right alongside your fireplace. Fireplace screens are a tool that is absolutely a requirement of anyone with a vented fireplace. Screens provide security, and allow you to enjoy the fire at a safe distance without fear of flying sparks. They also come in a multitude of different design schemes, and can coordinate to any décor.

5.            Fire Pits. If you do not own a fireplace, and prefer to enjoy fires outdoors, a fire pit is a wonderful option to host a fire. Especially if you live in a location such as Southern Florida, where the winters are mild, an indoor fire is not always practical or even wanted by many people. A fire that is created in a fire pit can be controlled very easily. Fire pits are also a fantastic addition to any outdoor space, and they make gatherings just that much more interesting. And, unlike indoor fireplaces, fire pits have an allure all their own because they are used outside, in open air and beneath the stars; its just a little more primal!




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