Fire Gel Recall Warning!

This month, nine different companies recalled their fire gel products due to serious concerns of safety, after numerous reports of severe burns and flash fires were reported. Approximately 2 million products have been pulled from the shelves of retailers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that there have been a few dozen of such cases, where the decorative items became dangerous when consumers could not tell if the flames were extinguished, and poured additional gel into the burning pot, causing splattering flames and a violent fire eruption. 65 people have been hospitalized with severe burns, and two others tragically died as a result of their injuries. This is the inherent problem, and upon purchase, the products had only minute warnings on the external wrapping, which ultimately ended up in the garbage.

Fire pots, also known as gel fires, have become one of the hottest items out there in terms of home and patio decor. If you like candles, you will really like fire pots. If flames are your thing, you have probably seen them. The concept is pretty amazing; a gorgeous ceramic urn-type of object, with a metal cup in which the fire gel gets poured into. There are many different designs, styles, and sizes of fire pots that makes incorporating them into your home very easy. They can be used indoors or out, but most people choose the latter as it is safer. The gel is considered to be very clean burning, and does not pollute the air. Then, the gel gets lit, and voila! you have an ethereal, large, dancing flame. The only problem lies in the danger. Sadly, as cool as this type of fire is, they are extremely dangerous. Alcohol-based fire gels are combustible, and the fire they create is not easily put out with water, or conventional methods of extinguishing. Far more effective are dry chemical extinguishers, which are not the most readily kept on hand.

These are the brands that have been recalled: Smart Solar USA, BondManufacturing, Bird Brain Inc, Luminosities Inc Pacific Decor Ltd, Fuel Barons Inc,  Sunjel Company, Real Flame, Fuel Barons Inc, and Lamplight Farms Inc.

If you own a fire pot, and choose to continue using it, keep in mind some precautions that may come in handy: Most importantly, do not pour additional gel onto an existing fire. If you are not sure if the flames are still going, wait a while. Make sure you own a chemical fire extinguisher, and keep it in a close, convenient place to where you will be using the fire pot. If a fire does occur, do not attempt to put it out with an onslaught of water, or the old faithful “stop, drop, and roll.”

If you are craving fire, and need another method to get your fix, we highly suggest going with gas logs in your fireplace or a ventless fireplace, or a fire pit for your backyard or patio. These modes of fire are bit more safe, and on the plus side, your inner pyro-maniac will be thrilled at having a larger fire to play with!

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Great Balls Of Fire For the Ventfree Fireplace

Ventless fireplaces are all about options. They offer the consumer much flexibility, and the availability to get pretty creative in their decorating choices. One of the most interesting choices of accents as far as unvented fireplaces go, are the fire balls. Fire balls look like cannon balls, and have a very stylish look that is at once modern and classic. This look is very popular, and many people find that it can work in so many different interior décor schemes. When fully set up, the balls create a pyramid on the burner, and display a somewhat rigid structure. When lit, the presentation is beautiful and is a very balanced contrast of flames and sculpture. If you have a fire pit, fire balls can also be used in lieu of gas logs or wood logs for an equally stellar display.

Gas fire balls are manufactured by the Rasmussen company. They have been made to withstand temperatures exceeding 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Creating these durable ceramic balls is a labor-intensive process that has blended a variety of materials such as shale, alumina refractory cement with their ceramics. Shale is known for its strength, while bonded refractory cement performs beautifully under the pressure of intense heat. There are eight different colors you can choose from for your fire balls. These colors are pigmented by hand, using non-paint colorings that are resistant to being altered by heat. These colorations are entirely environmentally conscious, and do not pollute, or give off any type of odor during burning.

The fire balls can work with ventless gas fireplace burners of three different sizes: 20,” 24,” and 30.” Designed for convenience and streamlined look, the gas valve is tucked out of visible sight on the burner. With each of these burners, you are able to customize the options you want. You can choose between two different styles of burner, either black or stainless steel. Both have a very contemporary, sleek look and can give a different appeal depending on the room they will be going into. Stainless steel offers a somewhat more timeless feel, and can blend perfectly into an art deco interior. Black is also a little less flexible, and will make any dust apparent, so if you live in a locale that is known to have dusty air, it will require simple dusting to ensure the slick look. Another option to choose between is the choice of whether to go for a manual control valve or a remote control. The remote gives you the ability to raise and reduce the flame with a switch, and can be wireless, however this transmitter is sold separately. The remotes come in several different styles, from basic to those with features with temperature and timer switches. As an additional feature, you can also get a wireless wall switch that works with your fireplace, similar to a control for an air conditioner unit.

As a fireplace, a ventfree setup with fire balls emits a very strong, intense heat. Because the fireballs are ceramic and therefore quite dense, they have the ability to hold and radiate a lot of heat. During burning, very little flame actually comes into contact with the balls. This allows them to remain very clean and perform well. Gas fire balls are nicely affordable, selling for $13.50 individually, and $139 per dozen set. While many people choose to purchase their fire balls in a uniform color, some prefer to mix up the colors and create a more mottled, random look. If you want a somewhat natural feel, you can get fire balls in different size, so the appearance is more random and has a less structured feel to it.


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The Beauty Of Nature In A Vented Fireplace

Fireplaces are the ultimate feature in home design. They truly do abide by the old adage that great design is a combination of form and function There is absolutely no denying the beauty of a wood-burning vented fireplace, and I don’t know of anyone who would contest that. A fireplace can add so much to a space, and is always a major highlight within the décor. Not only does a fireplace encourage a warm, luxurious and cozy atmosphere, their main purpose serves to heat the home.

Despite all of the physical beauty, and the appeal of using materials from nature, wood is not the most ideal form of fuel. It poses the issue of requiring storage. Trees have to be cut down in order to burn it, therefore valuable forest is being diminished. Also when burned, wood does pollute with the gases that are emitted. And after the embers have faded out, you are left with residual filth, tar, ash, and dust that require immediate cleaning. If you are not cutting and gathering yourself, you then have to buy it, lug it home, and store it. If you use your fireplace for anything more than pleasure, and have to use it to legitimately heat your home, you will likely be burning many hundreds of lbs. throughout the year’s cold months. Does that seem a little impractical to you? It most definitely does to me. Perhaps if this is what you’ve always done, it might not seem like such a big deal, or that much of a time consuming process. But if you had an option that eliminated all of the aforementioned burdens, and it did everything that a traditional wood fire does, wouldn’t it seem entirely practical?

Gas logs are the answer. Real Frye gas logs are the industry’s most trusted, as well as the best in terms of customer satisfaction. Made specifically to be used in a traditional vented fireplace. An entirely new concept that is changing the way people light fires in their homes, these are a truly fantastic innovation. Made of an extremely high quality ceramic, and reinforced with centrally placed steel rods gives gas logs the ultimate assurance of strength. They can handle extreme temperatures easily, and they perform under pressure with stellar results. They have been designed and diligently crafted to replicate natural wood to an extreme measure. Aspects such as the crevices in bark, the variations in color, the textured nuances that occur from fire’s charring are all taken into account when these logs are created. There are over 50 different styles of wood looks you can choose from so that even the slightest detail can be to your liking. Different wood arrangements are created, and the looks are quite interesting in how the setups are made to duplicate the natural properties of the types of wood. American oak, English oak, split oak, white birch, golden oak, charred cedar, coastal driftwood, and rustic oak are just a sample of the offerings.

When using gas logs, a burner is necessary. Also made by Real Frye, these house the gas logs effortlessly and are made to ensure optimal performance. They accentuate the beauty of the painted log and fire, creating a fabulous presentation. Different sizes are available, and can accommodate nearly any vented fireplace. Remote controls for adjusting and controlling the flame height, and switching off and on are standard features that make using gas logs so much easier, more pleasant, and far more convenient that using traditional wood.

Like a fireplace, gas logs are also a marvel of design innovation. Fireplaces have obviously been around a whole lot longer, but when advances occur to improve upon the past, it makes enjoying the ordinary so much more exciting.

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Top 5 Fire Essentials For Winter

1.            Vented Fireplace Gas Logs. There is definitely a reason that gas logs are at the top of the list. There are so many benefits to using them, that it really is no surprise that they are as hot of an item right now. They easily replace the use of ordinary wood logs, and do a much better job as well. They are reusable, do not require extensive storage, and do not create a mess as they burn. They are also able to be lit instantly with a switch, and therefore, do not force you to wait for the room to be heated.


2.            Ventless Gas Logs. Right behind those used in vented fireplaces, ventless gas logs are used in ventless fireplaces and are a brilliant alternative to a traditional fireplace. These versatile fireplaces enable anyone who             desires the warmth and heat of a hearth to have one in their home, without the trouble, time, and expense of having one built and installed into the structure of their home. They are also used perfectly in apartments, and homes that are not able to be built into. Just like an ordinary fireplace, a             ventless version will provide heat and ambiance, with the convenience of being able to simply turn it off once you are through with the fire. Though it may be a bit radical by comparison, a great effort has been applied to ventless fireplaces and ventless logs to give them much realism, because there is an enormous esthetic appeal when it comes to the beauty of enjoying a fire.


3.            Chimney Termination Caps. If you have a vented fireplace, you know that proper chimney care is entirely necessary. You are most likely also aware of the necessary components that are needed to keep your chimney functioning accordingly. Before you light the year’s first fire, make sure that your chimney has been inspected; by yourself if you know what you’re doing, or by a trustworthy professional. A thorough cleaning and chimney sweep are also not things you want to skip out on, too. Most importantly, however, is the necessity in making sure your chimney termination cap fits properly, works properly, and has not been damaged in ay way. A chimney cap ensures the safety of your fireplace, and can be replaced very smoothly if yours needs to be switched out. You have the option of purchasing either to a specific size, or to go with a universal design, which are meant to fit any and all chimneys. Above all, this is very simple, yet very important aspect for any homeowner with a chimney to pay attention to.


4.            Fireplace Tools. To keep your fireplace under control, and to handle a fire with ease and convenience, you have to have the right tools. They are sold in sets to make life easier, and you have the ability to buy the set that works perfectly for you. If you need just a single item, chances are, you can buy just that piece. These sets often come with snazzy holders that coordinate all of the accompanying pieces, and make storing them a very simple ordeal. As you want them nearby at all times when you have a fire going, they have been designed for displayed right alongside your fireplace. Fireplace screens are a tool that is absolutely a requirement of anyone with a vented fireplace. Screens provide security, and allow you to enjoy the fire at a safe distance without fear of flying sparks. They also come in a multitude of different design schemes, and can coordinate to any décor.

5.            Fire Pits. If you do not own a fireplace, and prefer to enjoy fires outdoors, a fire pit is a wonderful option to host a fire. Especially if you live in a location such as Southern Florida, where the winters are mild, an indoor fire is not always practical or even wanted by many people. A fire that is created in a fire pit can be controlled very easily. Fire pits are also a fantastic addition to any outdoor space, and they make gatherings just that much more interesting. And, unlike indoor fireplaces, fire pits have an allure all their own because they are used outside, in open air and beneath the stars; its just a little more primal!




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Using Baskets When Grilling

There are plenty of different accessories that accent your grilling experience. From different tools that make it easier, more fun, or add just a little extra convenience, to those that are quite necessary and really help your grill last longer, grill accessories can do wonders.

One of the most versatile and interesting tools you can add to your repertoire of accessories for your bbq are grill baskets. There are several types, and they can do different things for your during the entire process. They can be used to hold foods such as vegetables during prep, be used to actually grill with, and they can used to supplement the process of grilling; for instance, you can use them to flip steaks.

There are baskets that are hand held, and grilling baskets that attach to other bbq accessories, and there are rotisserie baskets, which are made for using with your rotisserie. One safety note is that if you are interested in purchasing a basket for your bbq grill, go with one that has a long handle, preferably with a gripping substance, such as plastic or wood on the handles. Also on this note, if you plan on washing your baskets in the dishwasher, make sure they do not have wooden handles. As you can guess, this is to avoid burning your hands in the heat of the moment. Many baskets conveniently are designed with non-stick interiors, which work beautifully for cooking foods in them.

For the rotisserie, baskets can really do wonders. They can perfectly hold the shape of different meats, and enclose whole chickens, Cornish hens, and even turkey breasts for perfect, secure cooking. Baskets also work great for keeping control of items of smaller proportion, like wings, chicken fingers, fish sticks, and vegetables, without worry of losing pieces to falling within the crevices of the grill. Grill rotisserie baskets come in so many different sizes and shapes, so you can definitely get creative in your choices of these.
Adjustable baskets are pretty popular because they up the versatility factor, and allow you to purchase fewer baskets if you are inclined to using different types and styles. If you opt for this variety, strong hinges are highly encouraged because when cooking heavy items like sizeable steaks, or whole chickens, hinges of weaker variety can spring off when the basket is forced to close upon the item.
When it comes to grilling fish, nothing works better than baskets. When you place a fish filet directly onto the grill, quite often it flakes and falls to its demise in the fire below. Flipping it also presents a problem, and can cause similar flaking. A basket alleviates this issue because all you need to do is flip the basket.
When grilling lots of smaller, loose things like shrimp and cubed vegetables, a shaker basket works great. Foods go into the basket, and the basket onto the grill. Some of these baskets are made with removable handles, so you have the option of entirely closing the grill. When you want to shake the basket from time to time, simply place the handles back on, and shake for even grilling.
Baskets are commonly available in three different surface finishes: stainless steel, porcelain coated, and non-stick. They are all great, and provide different results. Some people prefer stainless steel for its ability to cook very evenly and distribute heat well. Porcelain baskets are loved because they need less attention when it comes to cleaning. Non-stick baskets are best in situations where the foods are going to be cooking for very short periods, such as with thinner fish, sliced and chopped vegetables, and chicken fingers.
As you can now see, baskets are a phenomenal way to enhance your grilling experience, expand your grilling capacities, and simply cook better food!

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DCS Grills Call For Dynamic Care

DCS, also known as Dynamic Cooking Systems, is known not just for their exceptional product, but also in how they back it up. They are greatly loved for their ability to communicate with customers, and pride their company in fantastic service. Like any method of cooking involving heat, grilling does have its risks, and there are cautions, no matter how “common sense” many may seem, are necessary to observe and follow. One thing DCS should be highly respected for is their wisdom in giving their customers a wealth of information regarding the care, and proper usage of their grills. Not all companies are so specific, and delve into such detail regarding the matter. Here are a few pointers that will keep your DCS in chef-worthy condition:

When cleaning your grill, it’s a good idea to wait until it has cooled after cooking, otherwise it can be easy to get burned. When you do clean, it’s a great idea to make sure all the controls are set in the “off” mode before cleaning because you really don’t want any surprises. Steam burns can also happen if you use a wet cloth or sponge to clean a hot grill, which is really not a fun way to close a great grilling experience. Use caution when cleaning a grill if it hasn’t cooled because certain types of chemical cleaners can produce toxic fumes when applied to a hot surface. Some cleaning agents can even ignite from exposure to high heat, which can create a really dangerous situation. Aerosol cleaners are not just bad for the environment, but they’re also pretty nasty when it comes to your DCS grill. As mentioned before, like other cleaners they too can ignite, and can also corrode the grill’s metal parts.

When handling foods on the grill, use only dry potholders. Moist, damp cloths or potholders can also create violent steam, resulting in steam burns. Never let potholders come into contact with a hot grill or the burner grates, as they can ignite.

Because grills deal with fire, there are a few different measures to take in avoiding fires. Flare-ups, however beneficial in terms of flavor they may be, can become a hazard. When you do grill, make sure to use the drip pan for fending off  flare-up causing drippings. Keeping the grease tray in place, at all times, and pushed as far as it goes is also greatly important because it catches the falling grease that runs the risk of fire and explosions. If you ever need grill repair, or DCS replacement parts, keep in mind that these are always viable options for extending your grill’s life.

Grills should only be used in areas with much ventilation. In combustible areas, indoors, garages, sheds, or any type of covered structure can cause explosions, fires, and an accumulation of carbon monoxide; all of which can be deadly.

DCS grills are meant for outdoor grilling and cooking only. While you grill, there are certain precautions you should observe to ensure a great experience. When grilling, using bbq tools designed with long sturdy handles is ideal to allow you great control as well as freedom from burns. A grill should never be moved while in use, as it can be extremely dangerous to move an appliance that is heated to such temperatures. It should be firmly in place, with all DSC grill parts secured when you use it, to ensure that the grill does not tip or fall over when in use, as it would definitely be a most unpleasant situation.

When you are grilling, always be sure to have a fire extinguisher, especially an ABC-rated one, within reach, or available with easy access because it’s always best to be prepared should a fire occur. Most people probably do not think of fires easily starting when grilling, but unfortunately, they can and do happen.

DCS grills are marvels! Using yours properly, and using certain precautions are so entirely necessary for maximizing the full enjoyment of your grilling experiences! A little care can go a really long way.


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Char-Broil Grill Parts: The Name Says It All

Char-Broil grills have been around for years, and in that time they’ve earned an enormous following of happy customers. As makers of quality grills, including charcoal, electric, gas, and now gorgeous commercial infrared models, as well as other outdoor cookers like smokers and fryers, with great prices, its very easy to see why.

To begin, the story of Char-Broil is an extraordinary foundation. No other brand can boast the title of being the largest and oldest brand of grills in America. When you consider what a pastime grilling and barbequeing are in America, and consider that it has been for the better part of the 20th century, it really is amazing to wear that claim. And wearing it proudly is what Char-Broil does! Since their humble beginnings in 1948, to the present as makers of literally hundreds of different grills, sold by the masses throughout the country. In 2008, a sixty year span of selling grills, Char-Broils had sold 2.4 million grills since their beginnings.

No matter the cost, most grill makers have always sought to create grills that their customers could use through the years. It’s not just a vessel for cooking on; grills are a foundation of culture, and can be the centerpiece in a myriad of good times and great memories. The quintessential backyard bbq is always looked forward to, in all corners of the country from the onset of Memorial Day, through the 4th of July, and ending with a bang on Labor Day. As Americans, we grill during these warm weather celebrations, and do so with pride and fanfare. Char-Broil grills were designed to be used for many years, and their loyal customers will happily attest to that fact. Many people today still continue to use Char-Broil grills they purchased a decade, or longer, ago. A grill, especially a Char-Broils, was not meant to be discarded easily.

Most grilling lovers develop serious attachments to their grills, and look to keep them for as long as possible. An entire sector of this industry is devoted to weather-resistant covers that protect and arm grills as if they were in a war zone! When something breaks on a grill, or if something simply wears out with use, grill repair fixes it! This is yet another brilliant facet of this industry, which aficionados are more than pleased with, as it exists to ensure the life of your grill.

As Char-Broil has created hundreds of different grills over the years, it may seem unlikely, perhaps even overwhelming to look for a part when needed. However, Char-Broil bbq grill parts are actually not hard to come by, and certain reputable dealers will be able to source nearly anything you are looking for.

Char-Broil has always been about making top-quality grills that provide great features, and a wide range of versatility. Chances are, if you are looking for something specific in a ready-made grill, Char-Broil makes it! They started their company focusing on gas grills, but saw room for expansion within the entire scope of all grilling products. Today, in addition to gas and charcoal grills, they focus a great deal of their technology on infrared grills, which have become increasingly popular. Infrared technology is the modern ecological answer to traditional grilling because of its minute use of fuel, while creating extremely high temperatures for perfection in searing.

Since the beginning, Char-Broil has always stayed ahead of the curve, and done their best to please their customers. They couldn’t have built a 63 relationship of devotees otherwise! Today, they run a variety of different social media platforms to constantly communicate with customers, from different websites to printed newsletters, where information can be shared about grills, cooking, and recipes. From past to the present, Char-Broil has always remained true to providing excellence in grilling.


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Viking Grills are Breaking Ground

Stellar Grilling: Its What Viking Was Made For

There are not many grills that can match up to Viking grills and ranges. Across the world, among those who know grills, they are considered to be the best. When Viking hit the market, they started a revolution in high-end appliances and the capabilities for the at-home gourmet. Today, we can thank Viking for the stainless steel appliance look, that has become so stylish and something of a status symbol in modern residences, both as grill islands and full kitchens.

Viking Range Corporation was founded by a building contractor named Fred Carl, Jr. He had a vision of creating a commercial-grade grill for at-home use. He wanted these ranges to be especially designed, and engineered to suit at-home chefs with a penchant for serious grilling. He wanted these ranges to be entirely certified as well, as further proof of their dependability. Simply, they are the Rolls Royce of grills and kitchen appliances, and if you own one, chances are you are seriously devoted to your Viking. Made to last, grill repair will keep your Viking in top shape for the long haul.

Viking Stands For Quality

All in the family: a fourth generation contractor in the area of building, Fred Carl Jr., was befitted with an incredible legacy for craftsmanship and creativity. After having worked all of his adult life in building and contracting, he was building a home for his family in the 1980’s. He approached his wife, and asked what type of stove she wanted in their kitchen. She really wanted a vintage type Chambers stove, the kind she learned to cook on when she was young. It was made of chrome and porcelain, as tough as stoves were ever built. To their dismay, that particular type of stove was no longer being made, and needed a backup option. Fred proposed the possibility of getting a restaurant range for their kitchen, as an option, but that was quickly shot down because a commercial kitchen is absolutely not suited for

domesticated use. Restaurant stoves have extreme heat outputs and the entire units will become extremely hot when in use, not to mention they are also cumbersomely heavy, and have no broiling mechanisms- they are a total waste of time for the at-home chef. When Fred learned that a range for home use, with the capabilities of a commercial range did not exist, he was not only aghast, but also deeply inspired. Many late nights, while still working as a contractor, were spent developing ideas on this residential range. This new range had to have the right look, incredible design and styling, while still being powerful and as capable as any restaurant range. In constitution, Viking grill parts would have to be the best on the market. This prototype simply was not in existence, and there was a definite need.

As Fred continued to research and develop his ideas and plans for this perfect range, within a year he was ready to take his plans to manufacturers. He was laughed at, scoffed at. Disdainfully, manufacturers said people wouldn’t ever buy this kind of range. Several years passed, and Fred travelled the country searching for a manufacturer to believe in his product enough to build it. In the meantime, he continued with his day job of building homes.

Finally, the tides changed, and a California company agreed to manufacture his range. The change was not only instantaneous, it was more akin to a tidal wave: once the first ranges were delivered, demand became so hot that this company could not produce in accordance. Fred then began moving more eastward, and started using a production company out of Tennessee. When that company could not keep up, Fred then revolutionized his hometown by moving the manufacturing to Greenwood. The cliché may be old, but it is true: the rest was history. Viking now employs more than 1200 people in Fred’s hometown, which was previously a barren ghost town, and is the industry leader in high-end, top-performing residential ranges and appliances.

Viking was built on the principle of quality, performance, and the conquest to break ground where it had never been broken in the arena of residential appliances. For the ultimate in at-home grilling, there is nothing better than a Viking.


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Big Green Egg BBQ Grills

Big Green Egg Cart

The Big Green Egg has been in existence since it hatched in 1974. It’s creator, Ed Fisher was inspired by ancient Asian-style ceramic cookers, and saw potential for Bbq. With some tweaking, he created an interesting and extremely versatile, he took the kamado-style, and made it a modern marvel. Originally, Fisher used clay for the base. With an open mind to technology, it was soon replaced by space-age ceramic materials, that were designed to be tailored to the needs of Big Green Egg. This change allowed for an exterior that is practically invincible to all elements and cooking conditions. Today, they are adored amongst customers for their ultimate convenience, easy maintenance, amazing ability to cook and grill deliciously, and the fact that they can last a lifetime.

The Big Green Egg

Some of the reasons people adore their Big Green Eggs with a passion are because they provide a great alternative to traditional bbq grills, while still doing the same job, with superb results. They light quickly, require no lighter fluid, and are ready for cooking in 10 minutes. Because of their ceramic construction, they retain heat much better than traditional metal grills. The temperature control is excellent, and always accurate, without creating hot spots that can mar a perfect grilling. Their ceramic structure is weatherproof, defying the elements, rust, and can be used no matter what the weather delivers- rain or freezing temperatures. From 0 degrees, to 1800 degrees, the Big Green Egg can handle it without worry, and will still perform to your satisfaction. During grilling, the exterior remains cooler that metal grills, and is a safer option around children and pets.

Big Green Door

When esthetics are concerned, Big Green Eggs are a fantastic alternative to regular grills because they are simply gorgeous. The green ceramic design lends itself easily to outdoor décor, and makes for an awesome conversation piece. Being weatherproof, you can leave yours outdoors no matter what the elements, without concern for its safety.

As the name may indicate, they are also an eco-friendly option to regular bbq grills. Big Green Eggs are made to last a lifetime; so you will not be replacing it every few years. Grill repair can be done as needed, so you can keep your grill running smoothly for many years. They utilize fuel very efficiently, and you never need to add additional charcoal as you cook, avoiding waste. Compared to regular grills, they use far less charcoal and/ or wood for cooking. Unused/ unburned charcoal can then be used again.

When it comes to grilling and cooking, most users never revert back to traditional grills because of their unbelievable results with the Big Green Egg. They have an unmatched ability to retain moisture- producing tender, juicy, and succulent foods. A Big Green Egg can be used to grill, smoke, and bake- allowing you the ability to cook everything from meats, to vegetables, full meals, appetizers, and even desserts. When you factor in that you can use it all year, its possibilities are endless and can easily become your most used cooking tool.

As a company, you will find very few companies as devoted to their customers as Big Green Egg. This was a principle they were founded on, and something that they pride themselves in all these years later. They stand behind their products, and believe that customer service is in their foundation. Big Green Eggs are an investment, and you can always be sure that their quality is outstanding. Available in five sizes, with more than 100 different accessories to enhance your convenience and experience, there is no other grill that can compare. Made to last a lifetime, Big Green Egg bbq parts for replacements and repair, are available and will allow you to keep yours running smoothly for many years to come.

Big Green Eggs are some of the finest grills you will ever come across. Built to last, and built to perform, you will only be satisfied!


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Brinkmann Grills Do it All For Less

Gorgeous Grilling with Brinkmann BBQ Grills

If you are looking for a grill on a level way above sub-standard, you should consider checking out Brinkmann grills. There are not many high quality brands that offer as many options, or as many different sizes, while still remaining cost effective. For grilling aficionados who want a top caliber large-scale grill, without putting out a lot of cash, Brinkmann is perhaps the best route to go.

With a history that goes back more than 30 years, Brinkmann grills have stood the test of time, while continuously pleasing their customers. Brinkmann’s line of gas grills is what they are most known for. They make a large number of different models that cater to all customers. Surely anyone looking for specific features is sure to find a Brinkmann gas grill that suits their needs. Whenever grill repair may be needed during the course of time, Brinkmann grill parts are easy to come by, and can take very little work in having them replaced. These grills were made to last!

An Attractive Brinkmann Model

With such a long-standing history, they have been marvels of design, catering to discriminatory customers who desire the ability to do a large amount of grilling. Through the years, some have looked down upon Brinkmann’s use of materials such as plastic, claiming this makes for grills of less quality. On the contrary, Brinkmann should be praised for their innovative use of such materials to create solidly built grills that can handle high capacity, while not skimping on such desirable features as a fully welded, stainless steel hood, and over 500 square inches of grilling space. Allowing customers to experience the pleasures of outdoor cooking, without breaking the bank is something the company prides itself in. In terms of heat, the minimum output on a Brinkmann unit is 52,000 BTU’s, and as high as 72,000- such power at extremely low prices. Over the years, their reputation has been cemented in this ability to create products that remain reliable, cutting edge, and affordable.

This is a brand that has garnered a devout following from customers throughout the course of time. Known for their ability to design products that save time and frustration, they’ve always been a step ahead of their competition in knowing what their customers want. As leaders in the world of gas grills, Brinkmann started the revolution of all-in-one designs, housing a gas grill and smoker within a single grill. This model became an instant hit with customers, delighting them with an exciting new experience as well being incredibly ease in operating. A feature that has always provided satisfaction is the temperature gauges designed for each burner. This allows the griller full control of the heat level on the entire unit. Some models have sufficient side space for food prep, and some models even have detachable counter space for added convenience. If you are looking for a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, Brinkmann has developed some models to hold a refrigerator, built right into the unit. To additionally please the customer, much effort has been put into the design of their grills to make assembly as simple as possible. Add-on features that you can purchase down the line, such as covers for the range, are also available to continuously serve your ever-changing needs.

Brinkmann gas grills are built to last, and have been designed to serve you many years of grilling pleasures. When repairs are needed, you are highly encouraged to seek out Brinkmann bbq grill parts, because simply replacing a grill part can save you plenty of money and time, without having to purchase a whole new system.

When it comes to affordable quality, you will not find a better bet than a Brinkmann gas grill. Powerful, attractive, and full of features to customize your grilling experience- what more could you ask for?


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