Custom Outdoor Kitchen Service Call For BBQ Repair

custom outdoor kitchen bbq repair service call and cleaning

custom outdoor kitchen bbq repair service call and cleaning

This is a picture of an outdoor kitchen that We Did Not Build but is from a service call when we were asked to repair the grill by replacing some parts and clean the grill.

This grill island is wrong on many levels.  For starters we usually try to guide our custom outdoor kitchen clients into a gas grill made in America with 304 stainless that has a life time warranty and this Profire does fit those prerequisites.  However, you can see the Profire was not designed to be installed into an outdoor kitchen.  If this installer/fabricator knew anything about barbecues they would know Profire does manufacture a trim kit to be used when building in Profire grills in outdoor kitchens but instead of using the trim kit this builder built a shelf for the grill to rest on.  This is usually a bad thing because it means the transition from granite to grill is very obvious but also because the greasy bottom drip tray is on the “floor” if the opening made for the built in grill.  This usually results in the chromium smelted into the stainless as a protective agent becoming useless because of the weight on the bottom of the grill.

This was probably not something the builder could control if they simply do not know anything about grills and the home owner insisted on buying their own appliances.  However if the builder does not know anything about grills they should not be building custom grill islands.

The island itself does not have a cabinet.  The counter top is floating off the ground which looks pretty ridiculous, especially with all that granite wrapping the concrete counter top.

built in profire grill cooking grates

cooking grids to be cleaned during service call repair

Our technicians replaced the ignition module and the electrodes and collector box bracket that holds the electrode.  They also cleaned the grill.

Stainless steel in an American made barbecue grill is designed to last forever outdoors.  To clean stainless that is well made and designed for outdoors we do not have to be gentle or terribly careful not to scratch through a surface or a layer of coating because the stainless is stainless all the way through the material.  We usually use a soft sand paper, a 3m pad or a wire wheel on a drill so the effect is like a grill brush spinning 60 miles an hour.

profire grates after being cleaned

stainless steel profire grates and vaporizers cleaned

The effect is a clean cooking grate.  Because the nickel and chromium is added to the stainless steel during the smelting process when the iron oxides are drained from the material the protection that is chemically created by the material regenerates itself once the surface is clean.  Chromium reacts with oxygen atoms in the air to protect the stainless so the dirty grates will eventually rust but clean grids will never rust or corrode unless a corrosive chemical is added — which would be crazy!

The only time I have seem corrosion was when a customer accidentally — i should say unknowingly — stored their pool chemicals inside their outdoor kitchen.  As the chlorine dissipates into the atmosphere the atoms fuse with oxygen atoms and starve the stainless of oxygen that is necessary for the surface protection.  With 304 stainless steel the entire grill can be safely sanded and buffed out for a new and beautiful shine.

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