Custom Outdoor Kitchen for School Kids To Learn To Cook

The city spent two million dollars to build this custom outdoor kitchen and a small green house for children to use in school.  We build a lot of custom outdoor kitchens — I would seriously argue we build more custom outdoor kitchens than anyone else in south Florida and use the best products with the best warranties.  However, even the largest outdoor kitchen, even the outdoor kitchen with the most appliances and accessories, even the outdoor kitchen with the most expensive materials has not cost anywhere neat one million dollars and Brooklyn spent two million dollars?!

What’s even more strange the link above will take you to a video from a local news station in Brooklyn with shots of the custom outdoor kitchen.  The whole outdoor kitchen was built as if it were indoors with appliances used indoors.  Even with 2 million dollars this is not a long term solution.

custom outdoor kitchen is the largest island

largest custom outdoor kitchen with built in DCS grill and accessories

I think the largest custom outdoor kitchen we have ever built was fourteen feet on each of four sides of the counter top.  The island has counter height sections and bar height sections with overhang seating.  The island has a 48 inch DCS grill with a life time warranty plus an outdoor UL rated refrigerator, access doors, cubby holes, sealed ice cooler, hot and cold running water and electricity.

However, I can assure you this island did not cost more than $50K never mind two million!


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