Using Baskets When Grilling

There are plenty of different accessories that accent your grilling experience. From different tools that make it easier, more fun, or add just a little extra convenience, to those that are quite necessary and really help your grill last longer, grill accessories can do wonders.

One of the most versatile and interesting tools you can add to your repertoire of accessories for your bbq are grill baskets. There are several types, and they can do different things for your during the entire process. They can be used to hold foods such as vegetables during prep, be used to actually grill with, and they can used to supplement the process of grilling; for instance, you can use them to flip steaks.

There are baskets that are hand held, and grilling baskets that attach to other bbq accessories, and there are rotisserie baskets, which are made for using with your rotisserie. One safety note is that if you are interested in purchasing a basket for your bbq grill, go with one that has a long handle, preferably with a gripping substance, such as plastic or wood on the handles. Also on this note, if you plan on washing your baskets in the dishwasher, make sure they do not have wooden handles. As you can guess, this is to avoid burning your hands in the heat of the moment. Many baskets conveniently are designed with non-stick interiors, which work beautifully for cooking foods in them.

For the rotisserie, baskets can really do wonders. They can perfectly hold the shape of different meats, and enclose whole chickens, Cornish hens, and even turkey breasts for perfect, secure cooking. Baskets also work great for keeping control of items of smaller proportion, like wings, chicken fingers, fish sticks, and vegetables, without worry of losing pieces to falling within the crevices of the grill. Grill rotisserie baskets come in so many different sizes and shapes, so you can definitely get creative in your choices of these.
Adjustable baskets are pretty popular because they up the versatility factor, and allow you to purchase fewer baskets if you are inclined to using different types and styles. If you opt for this variety, strong hinges are highly encouraged because when cooking heavy items like sizeable steaks, or whole chickens, hinges of weaker variety can spring off when the basket is forced to close upon the item.
When it comes to grilling fish, nothing works better than baskets. When you place a fish filet directly onto the grill, quite often it flakes and falls to its demise in the fire below. Flipping it also presents a problem, and can cause similar flaking. A basket alleviates this issue because all you need to do is flip the basket.
When grilling lots of smaller, loose things like shrimp and cubed vegetables, a shaker basket works great. Foods go into the basket, and the basket onto the grill. Some of these baskets are made with removable handles, so you have the option of entirely closing the grill. When you want to shake the basket from time to time, simply place the handles back on, and shake for even grilling.
Baskets are commonly available in three different surface finishes: stainless steel, porcelain coated, and non-stick. They are all great, and provide different results. Some people prefer stainless steel for its ability to cook very evenly and distribute heat well. Porcelain baskets are loved because they need less attention when it comes to cleaning. Non-stick baskets are best in situations where the foods are going to be cooking for very short periods, such as with thinner fish, sliced and chopped vegetables, and chicken fingers.
As you can now see, baskets are a phenomenal way to enhance your grilling experience, expand your grilling capacities, and simply cook better food!

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