Top 5 Fire Essentials For Winter

1.            Vented Fireplace Gas Logs. There is definitely a reason that gas logs are at the top of the list. There are so many benefits to using them, that it really is no surprise that they are as hot of an item right now. They easily replace the use of ordinary wood logs, and do a much better job as well. They are reusable, do not require extensive storage, and do not create a mess as they burn. They are also able to be lit instantly with a switch, and therefore, do not force you to wait for the room to be heated.


2.            Ventless Gas Logs. Right behind those used in vented fireplaces, ventless gas logs are used in ventless fireplaces and are a brilliant alternative to a traditional fireplace. These versatile fireplaces enable anyone who             desires the warmth and heat of a hearth to have one in their home, without the trouble, time, and expense of having one built and installed into the structure of their home. They are also used perfectly in apartments, and homes that are not able to be built into. Just like an ordinary fireplace, a             ventless version will provide heat and ambiance, with the convenience of being able to simply turn it off once you are through with the fire. Though it may be a bit radical by comparison, a great effort has been applied to ventless fireplaces and ventless logs to give them much realism, because there is an enormous esthetic appeal when it comes to the beauty of enjoying a fire.


3.            Chimney Termination Caps. If you have a vented fireplace, you know that proper chimney care is entirely necessary. You are most likely also aware of the necessary components that are needed to keep your chimney functioning accordingly. Before you light the year’s first fire, make sure that your chimney has been inspected; by yourself if you know what you’re doing, or by a trustworthy professional. A thorough cleaning and chimney sweep are also not things you want to skip out on, too. Most importantly, however, is the necessity in making sure your chimney termination cap fits properly, works properly, and has not been damaged in ay way. A chimney cap ensures the safety of your fireplace, and can be replaced very smoothly if yours needs to be switched out. You have the option of purchasing either to a specific size, or to go with a universal design, which are meant to fit any and all chimneys. Above all, this is very simple, yet very important aspect for any homeowner with a chimney to pay attention to.


4.            Fireplace Tools. To keep your fireplace under control, and to handle a fire with ease and convenience, you have to have the right tools. They are sold in sets to make life easier, and you have the ability to buy the set that works perfectly for you. If you need just a single item, chances are, you can buy just that piece. These sets often come with snazzy holders that coordinate all of the accompanying pieces, and make storing them a very simple ordeal. As you want them nearby at all times when you have a fire going, they have been designed for displayed right alongside your fireplace. Fireplace screens are a tool that is absolutely a requirement of anyone with a vented fireplace. Screens provide security, and allow you to enjoy the fire at a safe distance without fear of flying sparks. They also come in a multitude of different design schemes, and can coordinate to any décor.

5.            Fire Pits. If you do not own a fireplace, and prefer to enjoy fires outdoors, a fire pit is a wonderful option to host a fire. Especially if you live in a location such as Southern Florida, where the winters are mild, an indoor fire is not always practical or even wanted by many people. A fire that is created in a fire pit can be controlled very easily. Fire pits are also a fantastic addition to any outdoor space, and they make gatherings just that much more interesting. And, unlike indoor fireplaces, fire pits have an allure all their own because they are used outside, in open air and beneath the stars; its just a little more primal!




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