The Beauty Of Nature In A Vented Fireplace

Fireplaces are the ultimate feature in home design. They truly do abide by the old adage that great design is a combination of form and function There is absolutely no denying the beauty of a wood-burning vented fireplace, and I don’t know of anyone who would contest that. A fireplace can add so much to a space, and is always a major highlight within the décor. Not only does a fireplace encourage a warm, luxurious and cozy atmosphere, their main purpose serves to heat the home.

Despite all of the physical beauty, and the appeal of using materials from nature, wood is not the most ideal form of fuel. It poses the issue of requiring storage. Trees have to be cut down in order to burn it, therefore valuable forest is being diminished. Also when burned, wood does pollute with the gases that are emitted. And after the embers have faded out, you are left with residual filth, tar, ash, and dust that require immediate cleaning. If you are not cutting and gathering yourself, you then have to buy it, lug it home, and store it. If you use your fireplace for anything more than pleasure, and have to use it to legitimately heat your home, you will likely be burning many hundreds of lbs. throughout the year’s cold months. Does that seem a little impractical to you? It most definitely does to me. Perhaps if this is what you’ve always done, it might not seem like such a big deal, or that much of a time consuming process. But if you had an option that eliminated all of the aforementioned burdens, and it did everything that a traditional wood fire does, wouldn’t it seem entirely practical?

Gas logs are the answer. Real Frye gas logs are the industry’s most trusted, as well as the best in terms of customer satisfaction. Made specifically to be used in a traditional vented fireplace. An entirely new concept that is changing the way people light fires in their homes, these are a truly fantastic innovation. Made of an extremely high quality ceramic, and reinforced with centrally placed steel rods gives gas logs the ultimate assurance of strength. They can handle extreme temperatures easily, and they perform under pressure with stellar results. They have been designed and diligently crafted to replicate natural wood to an extreme measure. Aspects such as the crevices in bark, the variations in color, the textured nuances that occur from fire’s charring are all taken into account when these logs are created. There are over 50 different styles of wood looks you can choose from so that even the slightest detail can be to your liking. Different wood arrangements are created, and the looks are quite interesting in how the setups are made to duplicate the natural properties of the types of wood. American oak, English oak, split oak, white birch, golden oak, charred cedar, coastal driftwood, and rustic oak are just a sample of the offerings.

When using gas logs, a burner is necessary. Also made by Real Frye, these house the gas logs effortlessly and are made to ensure optimal performance. They accentuate the beauty of the painted log and fire, creating a fabulous presentation. Different sizes are available, and can accommodate nearly any vented fireplace. Remote controls for adjusting and controlling the flame height, and switching off and on are standard features that make using gas logs so much easier, more pleasant, and far more convenient that using traditional wood.

Like a fireplace, gas logs are also a marvel of design innovation. Fireplaces have obviously been around a whole lot longer, but when advances occur to improve upon the past, it makes enjoying the ordinary so much more exciting.

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