TEC Grills: Taking Inspiration From The Sun

Infrared grilling is definitely the wave of the future when it comes to grilling. Through the testing of innovative design, and engineering, TEC has come up with the most incredible grills that run on infrared heating. In the future, your foods can be grilled to perfection in minutes!

TEC, also known as Thermal Engineering Corporation is, in basic terms, is a heat company. Be it a very advanced, branched out, incredibly dynamic heat company at that! Their line of products is long, and varies from actual products, to finishes, manufacturing equipment, and especially their superb infrared gas grills. Industrial scale equipment, or grills for home use- as masters of design and engineering they have created a lasting mark on grill technology.
TEC first began using infrared technology in their grills 25 years ago, however the first entirely infrared grills did not hit the market until 10 years years ago. Infrared grills are a profoundly different alternative to both conventional gas and charcoal grills, and the end results are incredible flavors and textures. In all of their many revisions, quality has always been a concept never compromised. Grill repair can always be done, but building with excellent engineering and materials can be likened to preventative medicine.
If you are unfamiliar with infrared grills or cooking with infrared heat, it can really seem like a world of difference from regular gas and charcoal. Infrared heat is similar to the heat of the sun, in mechanics. The sun heats by radiant heating, as the rays actually do not carry heat, and in transit through space they are not hot. Once they contact the object is when the heat begins. In this process, because it is such a direct heat source, very little energy gets wasted. Infrared grills take the sun as inspiration. Using gas to heat the material, which will then emit this infrared heat source that powers the grill, and cooks your food. Once the heat source is turned on, the time spent waiting for the grill, or the cooking tile, to heat up is merely minutes. This shorter heat time translates to a shorter cooking time, and a shorter cooling time- saving plenty of time all around. That is one of the many features that sways those who are on the fence about infrared. If you grill frequently, and are short on time, you can still have a delicious grilled meal cooked in no time flat.
Perhaps the biggest advantage going for infrared grills is their ability to perform. There is no other method of cooking that sears as quickly, and at the same time produces an unbeatable tenderness, sacrificing none of the savory juices within meat.
Since the 1980’s, TEC has set its sight upon improving infrared technology. Their grill parts are as cutting-edge as it gets, and many improvements have been made since their first infrared grills hit the market. The earliest set-up produced 35% of its radiant heat from ceramic tiles, but it was not powerful enough to really hit its potential. The newest configuration involves a high temperature radiant glass panel, paired with the specifically designed of stainless steel, totally free of ceramic. The radiant heat is created by the burner, which works with small flames. The glass panel then equalizes the powerful radiant heat, and levels it over the cooking area in an even layer. An even temperature means that there are no flare-ups, and no unnecessary hot or cold pockets lingering on the cooking surface. This method expels the hot air away from the food, to avoid over-drying. This modern design has fulfilled the goal of reaching 100% radiant heat.
TEC infrared gas grills are forerunners in the grill world. Champions of technology, and the pursuit of building the perfect grill, are the mainstays when it comes to TEC’s mission. As time passes, they continue to evolve and improve upon their past successes. If you’re going for infrared, go for TEC!

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