Great Balls Of Fire For the Ventfree Fireplace

Ventless fireplaces are all about options. They offer the consumer much flexibility, and the availability to get pretty creative in their decorating choices. One of the most interesting choices of accents as far as unvented fireplaces go, are the fire balls. Fire balls look like cannon balls, and have a very stylish look that is at once modern and classic. This look is very popular, and many people find that it can work in so many different interior décor schemes. When fully set up, the balls create a pyramid on the burner, and display a somewhat rigid structure. When lit, the presentation is beautiful and is a very balanced contrast of flames and sculpture. If you have a fire pit, fire balls can also be used in lieu of gas logs or wood logs for an equally stellar display.

Gas fire balls are manufactured by the Rasmussen company. They have been made to withstand temperatures exceeding 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Creating these durable ceramic balls is a labor-intensive process that has blended a variety of materials such as shale, alumina refractory cement with their ceramics. Shale is known for its strength, while bonded refractory cement performs beautifully under the pressure of intense heat. There are eight different colors you can choose from for your fire balls. These colors are pigmented by hand, using non-paint colorings that are resistant to being altered by heat. These colorations are entirely environmentally conscious, and do not pollute, or give off any type of odor during burning.

The fire balls can work with ventless gas fireplace burners of three different sizes: 20,” 24,” and 30.” Designed for convenience and streamlined look, the gas valve is tucked out of visible sight on the burner. With each of these burners, you are able to customize the options you want. You can choose between two different styles of burner, either black or stainless steel. Both have a very contemporary, sleek look and can give a different appeal depending on the room they will be going into. Stainless steel offers a somewhat more timeless feel, and can blend perfectly into an art deco interior. Black is also a little less flexible, and will make any dust apparent, so if you live in a locale that is known to have dusty air, it will require simple dusting to ensure the slick look. Another option to choose between is the choice of whether to go for a manual control valve or a remote control. The remote gives you the ability to raise and reduce the flame with a switch, and can be wireless, however this transmitter is sold separately. The remotes come in several different styles, from basic to those with features with temperature and timer switches. As an additional feature, you can also get a wireless wall switch that works with your fireplace, similar to a control for an air conditioner unit.

As a fireplace, a ventfree setup with fire balls emits a very strong, intense heat. Because the fireballs are ceramic and therefore quite dense, they have the ability to hold and radiate a lot of heat. During burning, very little flame actually comes into contact with the balls. This allows them to remain very clean and perform well. Gas fire balls are nicely affordable, selling for $13.50 individually, and $139 per dozen set. While many people choose to purchase their fire balls in a uniform color, some prefer to mix up the colors and create a more mottled, random look. If you want a somewhat natural feel, you can get fire balls in different size, so the appearance is more random and has a less structured feel to it.


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