DCS Grills Call For Dynamic Care

DCS, also known as Dynamic Cooking Systems, is known not just for their exceptional product, but also in how they back it up. They are greatly loved for their ability to communicate with customers, and pride their company in fantastic service. Like any method of cooking involving heat, grilling does have its risks, and there are cautions, no matter how “common sense” many may seem, are necessary to observe and follow. One thing DCS should be highly respected for is their wisdom in giving their customers a wealth of information regarding the care, and proper usage of their grills. Not all companies are so specific, and delve into such detail regarding the matter. Here are a few pointers that will keep your DCS in chef-worthy condition:

When cleaning your grill, it’s a good idea to wait until it has cooled after cooking, otherwise it can be easy to get burned. When you do clean, it’s a great idea to make sure all the controls are set in the “off” mode before cleaning because you really don’t want any surprises. Steam burns can also happen if you use a wet cloth or sponge to clean a hot grill, which is really not a fun way to close a great grilling experience. Use caution when cleaning a grill if it hasn’t cooled because certain types of chemical cleaners can produce toxic fumes when applied to a hot surface. Some cleaning agents can even ignite from exposure to high heat, which can create a really dangerous situation. Aerosol cleaners are not just bad for the environment, but they’re also pretty nasty when it comes to your DCS grill. As mentioned before, like other cleaners they too can ignite, and can also corrode the grill’s metal parts.

When handling foods on the grill, use only dry potholders. Moist, damp cloths or potholders can also create violent steam, resulting in steam burns. Never let potholders come into contact with a hot grill or the burner grates, as they can ignite.

Because grills deal with fire, there are a few different measures to take in avoiding fires. Flare-ups, however beneficial in terms of flavor they may be, can become a hazard. When you do grill, make sure to use the drip pan for fending off  flare-up causing drippings. Keeping the grease tray in place, at all times, and pushed as far as it goes is also greatly important because it catches the falling grease that runs the risk of fire and explosions. If you ever need grill repair, or DCS replacement parts, keep in mind that these are always viable options for extending your grill’s life.

Grills should only be used in areas with much ventilation. In combustible areas, indoors, garages, sheds, or any type of covered structure can cause explosions, fires, and an accumulation of carbon monoxide; all of which can be deadly.

DCS grills are meant for outdoor grilling and cooking only. While you grill, there are certain precautions you should observe to ensure a great experience. When grilling, using bbq tools designed with long sturdy handles is ideal to allow you great control as well as freedom from burns. A grill should never be moved while in use, as it can be extremely dangerous to move an appliance that is heated to such temperatures. It should be firmly in place, with all DSC grill parts secured when you use it, to ensure that the grill does not tip or fall over when in use, as it would definitely be a most unpleasant situation.

When you are grilling, always be sure to have a fire extinguisher, especially an ABC-rated one, within reach, or available with easy access because it’s always best to be prepared should a fire occur. Most people probably do not think of fires easily starting when grilling, but unfortunately, they can and do happen.

DCS grills are marvels! Using yours properly, and using certain precautions are so entirely necessary for maximizing the full enjoyment of your grilling experiences! A little care can go a really long way.


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