Viking Grills are Breaking Ground

Stellar Grilling: Its What Viking Was Made For

There are not many grills that can match up to Viking grills and ranges. Across the world, among those who know grills, they are considered to be the best. When Viking hit the market, they started a revolution in high-end appliances and the capabilities for the at-home gourmet. Today, we can thank Viking for the stainless steel appliance look, that has become so stylish and something of a status symbol in modern residences, both as grill islands and full kitchens.

Viking Range Corporation was founded by a building contractor named Fred Carl, Jr. He had a vision of creating a commercial-grade grill for at-home use. He wanted these ranges to be especially designed, and engineered to suit at-home chefs with a penchant for serious grilling. He wanted these ranges to be entirely certified as well, as further proof of their dependability. Simply, they are the Rolls Royce of grills and kitchen appliances, and if you own one, chances are you are seriously devoted to your Viking. Made to last, grill repair will keep your Viking in top shape for the long haul.

Viking Stands For Quality

All in the family: a fourth generation contractor in the area of building, Fred Carl Jr., was befitted with an incredible legacy for craftsmanship and creativity. After having worked all of his adult life in building and contracting, he was building a home for his family in the 1980’s. He approached his wife, and asked what type of stove she wanted in their kitchen. She really wanted a vintage type Chambers stove, the kind she learned to cook on when she was young. It was made of chrome and porcelain, as tough as stoves were ever built. To their dismay, that particular type of stove was no longer being made, and needed a backup option. Fred proposed the possibility of getting a restaurant range for their kitchen, as an option, but that was quickly shot down because a commercial kitchen is absolutely not suited for

domesticated use. Restaurant stoves have extreme heat outputs and the entire units will become extremely hot when in use, not to mention they are also cumbersomely heavy, and have no broiling mechanisms- they are a total waste of time for the at-home chef. When Fred learned that a range for home use, with the capabilities of a commercial range did not exist, he was not only aghast, but also deeply inspired. Many late nights, while still working as a contractor, were spent developing ideas on this residential range. This new range had to have the right look, incredible design and styling, while still being powerful and as capable as any restaurant range. In constitution, Viking grill parts would have to be the best on the market. This prototype simply was not in existence, and there was a definite need.

As Fred continued to research and develop his ideas and plans for this perfect range, within a year he was ready to take his plans to manufacturers. He was laughed at, scoffed at. Disdainfully, manufacturers said people wouldn’t ever buy this kind of range. Several years passed, and Fred travelled the country searching for a manufacturer to believe in his product enough to build it. In the meantime, he continued with his day job of building homes.

Finally, the tides changed, and a California company agreed to manufacture his range. The change was not only instantaneous, it was more akin to a tidal wave: once the first ranges were delivered, demand became so hot that this company could not produce in accordance. Fred then began moving more eastward, and started using a production company out of Tennessee. When that company could not keep up, Fred then revolutionized his hometown by moving the manufacturing to Greenwood. The cliché may be old, but it is true: the rest was history. Viking now employs more than 1200 people in Fred’s hometown, which was previously a barren ghost town, and is the industry leader in high-end, top-performing residential ranges and appliances.

Viking was built on the principle of quality, performance, and the conquest to break ground where it had never been broken in the arena of residential appliances. For the ultimate in at-home grilling, there is nothing better than a Viking.


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